Welcome to your OwnTech device interactive documentation.
Together we stand for planned perenity !

The exact references of your power board

By accessing your device page you will find all the exact references of its components, extra information such as available life cycle analysis data or information about component composition for better recycling. This way you can keep track of all your changes from the original design.

Image showing a demo of the interactive tool.
Image showing the failure rate heatmap.

Let's keep improving the hadware together

You found a problem ? You had to repair something ? Use the the interactive tool to let us know about it! It will help us understand better how to improve the next batch ! You can also add your improvement ideas, or your part replacement so that it can benefits to others in the OwnTech community. Together, we can make our products last much longer.

Knowledge on your fingertips

With your device page you can highlight components based on their function. The tool also aggregates a heatmap display showing which components that are most likely to fail. You can use it to find the causes of failure and keep track of your maintenance. If you encounter a problem, you can report it with the tool, so that your feedback will be aggregated to the database to the benefit of others.

Access your device page now!

It is super simple! Just flash the QR code at the back of your Device to access its page, and simply enter the password provided below the QR code. You can also access the page by typing the URL directly https://devices.owntech.org/your-id and replacing "your-id" by the id number provided.

Image showing an example of the QR code to access your device page


You don't have a device just yet but want to give this service a try ? Visit Demo page